It's Time to Stand up.

Stand up for a Strong Ohio. Stand for the pro-growth policies of President Trump: Lower taxes, more jobs, and a stronger economy. Stand with citizen legislators and an end to corruption. Stand for free enterprise and against the leftist calls for socialism. Stand for a return to Constitutional principles. Join us. We launched Ohio Strong Action because it’s time to make a stand. And when we stand together, we win.

Chairman Mike Gibbons


Ohio Strong Action is an independent conservative organization working to build a better, stronger Ohio by supporting free enterprise, limited government, and a return to our nation’s founding principles.

Mike Gibbons is the chairman of Ohio Strong Action.  Mike Gibbons was born in Cleveland and grew up in Parma.  His father was a high school teacher and wrestling coach.  Mike put himself through college and went on to earn degrees in management and the law before entering the business world.  In 2017, after a wildly successful business career, Gibbons answered the call to public service, entering the Republican primary for U.S. Senate.  He traveled the state for eleven months building an old-fashioned grassroots campaign, speaking at political events, touring county fairs, and hosting town halls and earned a reputation as a blunt truth-teller in an often-corrupt political world.

Mike Gibbons stepped up to lead Ohio Strong Action and will be traveling Ohio once again to talk about the successes of the Trump presidency, the strong economy, and the need for more civic engagement.